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4 easy ways to fix a broken or stuck zipper in seconds

Whether metal or plastic, zippers have changed the way we dress or store things.

Invented in the mid-1800s, since then the zipper has been improved to a near-perfect closure like the one we have today.

The term “zipper,” named for the sound it makes, doesn’t seem an appropriate moniker when the fastener gets stuck.

The most common reason for a jammed zipper is that the interior lining of the garment becomes trapped between the slider (the mechanism that runs up and down) and the teeth.

The reasons why a zipper stops working are many, and for each of them, below, we suggest a solution.

1. Zipper leaking from the rails

Hold the zipper rails firmly in place with pliers, and simultaneously open the side with a flathead screwdriver.

The opening you need to create should be small, just enough to make the spilled tooth retract.

2. Broken tie rod

It can happen that, due to a little too much movement, we are left with the zipper pull in our hands.

A quick solution is to open the part to which the tie rod was anchored with a screwdriver, and insert a thin strip of cloth.

3. Hinge stuck

You can apply some lip balm or Vaseline to make the zipper slide better and get it to open.

4. Missing “teeth”

Cut the plastic part of a Q-tip into small pieces. Take a fragment and cut off one end, opening a slit, then insert it into the part where the tooth is missing.