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4 clear signs that show your woman is a ᴄʜᴇᴀᴘ ᴡᴏᴍᴀɴ

“A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage”, that is a really wise saying. Marriage is always very important. However, cases of divorce nowadays have increased. Is it that people are not taking marriage seriously? Many people find themselves in marriage with the wrong partners. Like when your partner turns out to be cheaper than you thought. How do men know that their wives are cheap? Below are 4 signs that men know their wives are cheap.

1) Some women don’t call their husbands.

They wait for their husbands to call them. Some wives flash their husbands in order that the husband can call. If a woman cannot buy and spend credit to call you, that is a cheap woman.

2) If she can’t fart in your presence.

People fart freely in front of the people they are used to. Imagine dating a woman for two years and feel uncomfortable to fart in your presence. This is a clear indication that she is cheaper. If a woman can do this, then she is capable of hiding so many things from you.

3) Women who take their husbands’ money without borrowing.

Some women assume that when they get married, their husbands’ money is their money. When they need anything, they enter into their husbands’ wallet and get the money themselves. This is stealing. Women should learn how to borrow or ask for money. Cheap women don’t ask for money, they take for themselves.

4) A woman who is not financially dependent and uses your money for silly things.

If a woman is not hard working to earn her money, this is proof that she is with you for your money. Being financially independent is not bad. What is bad is how the woman uses the money that you give her. Cheap women will use the money for silly things like photo shoots and partying.