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35 Life Lessons in a Nutshell

35 Life Lessons in a Nutshell

1.People who want to be with you will find a way. Seek, but don’t chase.

2.Don’t allow abuse or disrespect. You are valuable and deserve respect.

3.Spend time with happiness givers not happiness suckers.

4.Feel the fear and do it anyway.

5.Own your truth and stay out of denial.

6.Be present and stay present. Awareness is key.

7.Your needs have value; don’t ignore them.

8.Achieving dreams requires action. Take steps now.

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9.Stop trying to be anything but you.

10.You are not your past. Don’t go there; let it go.

11.Forgive yourself.

12.Mistakes are not bad; they teach us valuable lessons.

13.Doing something is better than doing nothing.

14.Trying has a higher probability of resulting in success than not trying at all or quitting.

15.Be grateful. You have received many gifts.

16.Be responsible; only you control your actions.

17.You are stronger than you think.

18.You always have a choice in your response and attitude. Choose wisely.

19.Love is all around. You just have to choose to see it.

20.Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

21.Seize opportunity.

22.Look for the positive in every situation, event and person; it’s there.

23.The only person you need to impress is yourself; stop comparing yourself to others or competing with them.

24.Give, don’t take.

25.Hating someone only hurts you.

26.Don’t debate; everyone is entitled to their viewpoint.

27.Challenge yourself; this is how you grow and get better.

28.What’s important is what YOU think/believe, not what others think/believe.

29. Focus on what you want and you will create it and/or find it.

30. Have an open mind. Anything is possible.

31. Practice Kindness. It’s a great religion

32. Right and wrong are matters of perspective. Be tolerant of differences.

33. Always remember that your future has not yet been written. Write a great one.

34. Your purpose in life is to find your talent and share it.

35. Good things are best shared. SHARE this.