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3 Things You Should Avoid Doing With A Woman Who Is Not Your Wife

3 Things You Should Avoid Doing With A Woman Who Is Not Your Wife

There are certain things about your marriage or your partner that you need to keep between you and your partner. Discussing the secrets of your relationship with women other than your wife can affect your relationship. Here are three things you should not do with women who are not your wife.

1. Don’t complain about your wife to another woman, nor allow another woman to complain about her husband.

Why? Because you are dishonoring your wife by complaining about her, and also because your wife has not allowed you to. You must respect and protect your wife’s dignity if you want her to respect you. Avoid making a woman feel bad about your wife by speaking critically about her to another woman. Also, do not allow another lady to dishonor your husband by complaining to you.

2. Avoid talking about intimacy, fights, and secrets.

Why? Because it is none of your business, and discussing these personal matters with another woman discredits your marriage. Avoid breaking your wife’s trust and intimacy between the two of you.

3. Avoid meeting with women in private.

Keep it public for others to see. Temptation thrives in secret, so keep your meetings open to the public. Anything unexpected can occur between you and the woman.

Here are two things to remember:

1. Always praise and speak positively about your wife.

Doing this will make other people honor your wife and give her the respect she deserves. The way you talk about your wife is how other people will treat her.

2. Include your wife in the conversation if possible.

Especially if the lady you are talking to is in danger. Ask the woman if your wife can join the conversation, or if she would prefer to talk to her partner instead of you. While this may not always be possible, always consider your wife as additional support.