20 Things You Don’t Owe Anyone

20 things you do not owe to anyone

“Never explain – your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway.” – Elbert Hubbard

How many things do you do in your day because you think you should do it? To be honest, the word “should” should be removed from our vocabulary. The things we should “do” take away important things that we must do to live our best and happiest life.

If we stop doing things, because we feel that we should and should begin to define the boundaries that will enrich our lives, then we can deal with the issue of living our lives.

The most important thing to do to stop is to explain our choices to others in the hope of receiving their support. We should have enough confidence in our decisions so that the opinion of others does not matter.

We all judge, even if we do our best not to do it. We observe people, form opinions and make assumptions solely on the basis of their observations. It is not surprising that others judge us. When we know that judgments are happening around us, we must constantly explain ourselves to make sure people see us when we want to be seen.

How many times have you acted like you felt good and tried to convince someone of this fact, even though it is clear that you do not feel well at all? We all did it. Instead of pretending, try to be real without excusing yourself or explaining yourself. Give yourself freedom … to be. Man. Everyone has imperfections, why would you hide it?

Explain take your strength and give it to the other person. We make the best decisions when we hear how we feel and how we feel. However, these sources are generally not well included in a statement, so we develop an explanation that the other person can refer to.

Unfortunately, many of us feel the need to explain, even though we know we should not. One exploder waits for approval from another and a lot of energy is lost in waiting. In this waiting, the doubt infiltrates. Depression begins to spread and misfortune prevails. To wait is a waste of time.

When we explain, we are moving away from our greatest source of wisdom – our inner guide. We stop honoring ourselves and valuing the other person.

It is difficult to overcome the tendency to explain, but it can be done with concentration and intention. Consciousness is the key. To make you more aware, here are 20 things you do not need to explain to anyone.

  1. You must not justify your values ​​and your priorities.
  2. You do not have to yes to anyone if you want to say no.
  3. You owe no one an explanation of your relationship, whether you are in love or friend.
  4. They owe no assistance to anyone in their lucky journey at their own expense.
  5. You do not owe anybody a debate on your political opinions, especially when the opinion of the other person is taken.
  6. You should not apologize to anyone if you do not apologize, and you would make the same decision again.
  7. You do not have to understand why it’s important to invest in yourself
  8. You owe no one the importance of what you believe in.
  9. You owe no one a change in your appearance just to satisfy them.
  10. You owe no friendship to anyone, especially if they do not share your values.
  11. You owe no negative attitude to anyone to sympathize with them.
  12. You do not owe anyone access to information about your life that annoys you
  13. You do not have to chat about someone else just because it suits you.
  14. You do not owe your time to anyone for their projects or for things that are important to them, unless they are so for you.
  15. You have no obligation to anyone to try something “new” just because you have been asked.
  16. They must not at any place a safe place to complain and stay in their bad decisions.
  17. You owe no one any answer other than the truth, so that they do not feel uncomfortable.
  18. As a crisis counselor, you owe nothing to your services unless you are really crisis counselors.
  19. They owe false compliments to no one, only to feel better.
  20. You owe nothing to anyone who does not feel well and who contradicts your instinct.
    Think about it:

“What others think about me does not look at me.” – Wayne Dyer

and then remember:

“You alone are enough, you have nothing to prove.” – Maya Angelou

The next time you try to justify something, remember that you can not control what others think. You can only control what you think and how you feel. If you know your choices, an explanation is not essential.