A strong woman can be so intimidating. She knows what she wants in life and she has the mission to get it. She works hard, is independent and does not need a relationship to define it. She may not need a relationship to become happy, but do not confuse her with not wanting to be happy. A strong woman always longs for the connection. She wants someone to love and spend time with her. If you are dating a strong woman, note the following:

  1. A strong woman is usually autonomous. Expect her to take control from time to time and control a situation alone.
  2.  A strong woman is often creative. Be open to new ideas or discussions. Dinner at the same restaurant on each date will probably not interest you long.
  3. A strong woman will admit that everything is not working well. If something goes wrong, expect him to turn to you and have a much needed conversation about how to do it right.
  4.  A strong woman is grateful for what she has. Your gratitude is seen in your relationship.
  5.  A strong woman does not want to waste time chatting.strong woman
  6. A strong woman takes responsibility and expects you to do the same. Excuses are not an option.
  7. A strong woman may have walls that take a while to collapse. She knows how to protect herself and knows that trust can be a longer process than desired.
  8.  A strong woman likes to ask for what she needs or wants. Expect an open and often direct communication channel with occasional sugar.
  9.  A strong woman can take care of herself. She will love to have you, but do not be offended if she does not need your help.
  10. A strong woman has morality. She may not be comfortable pursuing a relationship when her values ​​conflict with her.
  11.  A strong woman knows what she wants and she is probably on a mission to get it. Your goals are important to her.
  12.  A strong woman would like to be with you, but not all the time. She will need some time alone to relax and rejuvenate, so try to understand when she wants to spend the night alone.
  13.  A strong woman likes to focus on the positive. If you talk negatively about something, you expect her to question it.
  14. A strong woman knows what is important to her and takes her time. Expect to do things with a purpose.
  15. A strong woman wants to know where the relationship is. So do not be surprised if she asks where the trip is going.
  16. A strong woman may seem intimidating at first, but like everyone else, she has uncertainties and vulnerabilities. Do not believe that her strength means she has no feelings.
  17.  A strong woman has clear goals and dreams, and she will probably expect you to have it too. She wants to know what your ambitions are and how you will work to reach them.
  18. A strong woman can come into conflict because she wants you first and foremost. Give him time to cross it.
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  19.  A strong woman has a quarrel in her. So do not expect her to give up when the situation becomes difficult. She will look for different solutions before throwing in the towel.
  20.  A strong woman is always afraid of being hurt. If she keeps you at bay, that’s the reason. Once she feels she can have full confidence in you, you can see a very different side of her, softer

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