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14 Wholesome Posts That Remind Us You Can Find Smiles Around Every Corner

I’ve always appreciated the Red Car analogy. It states that if you are on the lookout for red cars, you see more red cars than you would otherwise. I also enjoy using this way of thinking when I’m being silly. You can definitely find opportunities to laugh if that’s what you’re looking for!

Today’s string of fun is a necessary reminder that giggles are around every corner if you take the time to look.

1. You’re never too old to make a splash.

We only grow up. We don’t grow old.

2. You wanted a three carat ring? How about a fourteen carrot kitchen!

A core memory was made here!

3. Any day is a holiday if you declare it!

This is the most wholesome thing we’re reading today.

4. Don’t let age stop you from engaging in shenanigans.


Those who play together stay together!

5. We’ve all got a purpose in life.

They’re smarter than they look.

6. So the useless cable box is a universal experience, huh?

Consider our hoarding habits validated.

7. Sometimes you’ve got to make your own opportunities.


Even if the manager notices, he can’t take it down now.

8. How dare Hawkeye engage in such trickery!

He’s a master of manipulation!

9. Motivation can come from anywhere.

Sounds like a good motivator. We’re gonna give it a try!

10. I’d literally never leave my quaint little house.

We need a lamblord.

11. It’s the little (or surprisingly big) things.

We love her perspective.

12. Everything has a purpose.

Life changing!

13. Sometimes good parenting requires sacrifice.

At least they’re not a hypocrite.

14. At the end of the day, there are always silly pet names to laugh at.


Source: inspiremore