11 Signs of A True Friendship

Today, with hundreds of “Facebook” friends waiting for us, true friendships based on respect, a common bond and shared memories seem rare and far apart in the modern world. We can communicate with anyone online right now, but does that make them a trusted friend?

On the other hand, friends you can rely on in real life can be as distant, unstable, and unreliable as the people you are connected to in cyberspace. Studies show that people who have thousands of Facebook friends usually have close relationships with a few people in real life.

So, how can you make sure that those friendships you’ve invested with so much emotion are truly authentic?

Here are a 11 telltale signs of a true friendship:


1. They accept everything about you, including your flaws.

They do not want to change you. They include everything about you, from your quirks and mistakes to your best personality traits. This does not mean that they particularly like or agree with everything you say and do, but they do not beat you up and do not try to change your personality. You feel relieved because, in a sea of ​​billions of people, you have found a person who sees things positive about you, even if you do not see them yourself.

2. They stick with you through both the good and bad times.

This is probably what best distinguishes a fake friend from a real one. In difficult times, a true friend would never dream of leaving you in the shadows. Instead, they offer to help you as they can and bring you back to the light. False friends often give you a bond because they just wanted to stay when things were going well for you and thought that helping you overcome your problems was a burden to them.

3. They are happy for your successes, and congratulate you when you reach a new goal.

False friends feel jealous and contemptuous when you achieve something exciting in your life, but true friends celebrate your success with you. To know if you are dealing with a genuine friendship or not, just keep in mind who stays with you as you reach new heights in your life. Some people will try to kill you, but the true friends of your life will feel happy for you.

4. You feel totally comfortable around them, and they probably know things about you that many others don’t.

You know your best-kept secrets, your wildest dreams and your unique peculiarities that you share only with people you feel most comfortable with. You know all the details of your love life, your most precious childhood memories and all those embarrassing stories you would not want to share with anyone. They want to know you at the base, not just on the surface. This differentiates a true friend from a fake in many ways.

5. They meet you halfway – they don’t expect you to always be the one to reach out to them.

You do not have to call or send a text message every time you want to meet. They also show an interest in hanging out with you and often come to you to catch up with you. You do not feel that you have to persecute them to support them in your life – they give themselves the same pain for your friendship and take their time to see you. You do not talk to you when it suits you. They reach you because they really care about you as a friend and they want you in their life.

6. They make you feel happier and more alive, not drained and stressed.

After seeing them, you will feel rejuvenated, more alive and more excited in life, not the other way around. Authentic friendships will be a perfect energetic game between two people. Otherwise, one person gives the other one energy, which means you have a vampire of energy in your hands. To find out if you have a real friendship with someone, just look at how you feel after meeting someone. A true friend will ensure that you and your life feel good, not depressed and unimaginative.

7. They tell you the truth about things, even if you may not want to hear it.

They do not tell you what you want to hear. They never neglect anything, just to reassure you. They tell you the truth, even if it could hurt. And you learned to appreciate that because few other people in your life come to the point and say what it looks like. They tell you the truth, not to circumcise you, but to help you make the right choices in your life and become a better person for that reason.

8. They don’t blow things out of proportion when you make a mistake – they forgive you.

They do not expect perfection from you and you do not feel compelled to run on eggshells for approval. They know that you slip from time to time and that you do not have to apologize too long. You just leave behind and you know that despite all the mistakes you can make, you have good intentions.

9. They don’t talk about you behind your back.

True friends never applaud you when you leave the room. They behave like adults and confront you personally when they need to talk to you. They respect you enough not to spread rumors and tarnish your reputation behind your back. They would prefer to do things with you and have a rational discussion face to face.

10. They allow you to have other friendships without getting jealous and possessive.

True friends feel safe enough in their friendship so they do not have to resort to jealousy and try to control their lives. They give you the freedom to pursue other friendships and activities in your life because they know that your friendship is absolutely solid. You realize that there is no need to be present 24 hours a day in your company to confirm your friendship.

11. You have so many inside jokes and funny memories with them that you’ve lost count.

They have such a close relationship with you that you have spent countless hours together, just stupid and not risking anything, and in return you have created many unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.


Source: https://www.powerofpositivity.com