11 Manipulation Methods Narcissists Use To Get Inside Your Head

Toxic individuals such as manipulative narcissists, both chronometers, sociopaths and anyone with antisocial characteristics are better known for their selfishness. His personal interests revolve around power. And they will do everything to get it.

They are motivated by malicious motives to hurt others without mercy, without the slightest remorse. You see, these people are so taken with themselves that they do not see clearly. They are their own center of the universe.

Therefore, in their malicious search for eternal power, they will use all the manipulative stuff to reach the desired destination.

If you are lucky, you can avoid these features. However, if you suspect that someone is playing you, you will find eleven methods of manipulation that narcissists usually use against you:


A person who cultivates narcissistic qualities begins his evil game by leading them to seventh heaven and idealizing them until they are all addicted to their “perfect” personality.

Then they will devalue you in an instant by insulting and criticizing all the qualities you admire. Another option is to place yourself on a pedestal while attacking someone who threatens his or her superiority.


Whatever you do, go as far as you can when a narcissist bursts into aggression. Researchers studying narcissistic personality traits claim that narcissists have the strongest associations with verbal aggression and the inability to control their behavior whenever this occurs.

According to the national hotline against domestic violence, here are the characteristics of a psychic aggressor:

– threaten, intimidate and frighten you, control access to friends and family, control your behavior and force you to do things you do not want to do.


It is a vicious tactic to involve a third person, a different perspective to validate their actions while weakening your thoughts.

Triangulation is a terrible way of manipulating your own thoughts by making them suspect their own mind. The person who brought him to confirm their actions is often a person in their immediate circle or, at worst, another person who has been deceived.

This puzzle continues as you defend your behavior and use the third as a weapon against your insecurities until you completely lose your sanity.


One of his cunning manipulative tactics is to convince yourself that you are really imagining things and that you are “crazy”. Gas lighting is a diabolical method used by psychopaths and narcissistic individuals to evade responsibility for their actions.

It works by slowly distorting your sense of reality and denying your moral sense of separating right from wrong, which can cause you to lose your ability to trust your own conscience.


Remember, you have all discovered. Any uncertainty you have, any troubling phrase that destroys your self-confidence or any problem that may scratch your unhealed wounds. And they know exactly the right time to solve this problem.

Playing with the victim and making you believe that you need you is the best way to set the trap. Before you know it, subtly bring a subject that hurts you and justify the fact that they do not really think it.


Have you ever done things that make you feel bad for the good of the other person? You feel that you have failed when you do not do what you ask for and you feel guilty for not doing what you should.

It is obvious that they have you under the nails. They brainwashed you and thought you had to serve them, otherwise they would be hostile to you.


Narcissists will destroy anything that bothers them or threatens their “superior” nature. In their twisted world, they are the only ones who are always right and whoever dares to pretend otherwise will create in them a severe psychotic rage.

Naming is the lowest value a narcissist can get.

They will insult you and criticize your opinions and convictions, and use every possible means to defeat them so that they can get up.


A sadistic narcissist will look for ways to take advantage of your insecurities and concerns on their behalf. They are ashamed of what makes you the least sure of you and will manipulate you to destroy you.


And if you have met a narcissist, you know that you can not interact normally with these people. They will upset the conversation and boast of your blockage.

They will cut you without mercy, as if your mind did not matter.


One of his best ways to suppress yourself and make you feel less than nothing. A narcissist will stop at nothing. On everything that touches you deeply, they continue to throw you malicious jokes at your expense.

They make you ashamed in front of everyone and call it a joke. They will attack you with their nasty insults, without feeling remorse or justifying you as the one who has made them so angry.


Narcissistic executioners like to play with changing guilt. A sure sign that you are dealing with a venomous and pathological narcissist is that they are desperately trying to blame you for their flaws.

In other words, the projection. It is the most widely used weapon and a defense mechanism that allows them to avoid being held responsible for their actions.

Instead of being held responsible for their actions, narcissists accuse others and make them feel ashamed.

The consequences: you win, you lose and the whole world is responsible for everything that goes wrong with them.


Source: https://thepowerofsilence.co