11 Behaviors In A Relationship That Reveal Untrue Love

You met this great man a few months ago and everything seems inflated. However, something in the back of your head tells you that the oasis of love looks like a mirage, but you are unable to put your finger on it. Have you really found fresh water of love among hundreds of square kilometers? These red flags tell you what to look for when planning:

11 characters you have not found yet (even if you think you have it)


No, not like Mel Gibson in “What Women Want,” but how does anyone have a special relationship with someone who does not have the “read my thoughts” moments? Having these moments shows how strong a connection is and the feeling that is there is the ultimate soul. This makes the immaterial almost tangible. A glance is enough to have a firework in mind. Of course, that’s not all, but it’s not a good start if it does not happen.


We need physics to access chemistry. If your magnet of attraction is not working properly, how can there be a chemical reaction in your brain? This is even more true when you are in a relationship. No chemistry makes a relationship obsolete and lifeless. We only receive Mother Nature’s chemistry for up to two years to form a relationship between soul mates, and then we have to make an effort. However, people drive romantically on autopilot because “we have them”. If you are not necrophilic, it becomes a soulless relationship.


The late Mother Teresa once said, “In this world there is more thirst for love and appreciation than bread.” We want the people who matter to us to feel good, right? The best way to do this is to compliment them. An example for ladies: “They are so beautiful in this pink dress.” And the people: “They are so great that you brought me to the amusement park during your day off.” very important people here are alive. If this happens infrequently, let alone pull one or two hooks, you have to wonder why.

4. You feel judged at a constant level.

“The cheese you eat stinks more than your horrible stinky feet, store it and take a shower.” Judgment is like cyanide for relationships, unless the poison is gradual and gnawing at what you have with your beautiful pretty. Carolyn Hidalgo, from Tiny Buddha, agrees: “Many people think that love goes with silence, tolerates it, or suffers in silence, believing that their devotion is proof of their love. love “Do you think this is a special relationship? Hidalgo adds: “To understand, to see, to hear and to accept someone as he is is a love.” Promote the association of people. Mel Gibson calls “freedom!”


Outside the eyes, outside the mind? You should not be. You say that relations should be fifty to fifty, but is your pressure one hundred percent in the fifties? When you receive this text in the morning, you learn that you are in your thoughts. If you bring soup or go to the pharmacy, if you are not healthy, it means that you are even in difficult times. Remember the good times spent on the beach and laugh at the way they beat you in the game you invented (of course, you win them!) These are just three examples of what you mean for them . This is the height of your list of priorities.

6. You feel the need to re-read text messages.

Do you feel as if you are writing a novel with the Pulitzer Prize in which you are writing something to your honeybay that normally takes five seconds? Press, delete, start again. Rinse, wash, repeat. Worrying about what to say in a text should alarm you and trigger alarm bells in your head. Sister souls are written and if the right message is not transmitted, they declare themselves.

7. YOU are forever for their actions.

Friends and family tell you about their behavior and explain why you feel caught in the middle. Kim Quindlen from the catalog writes: “They apologize for treating you like they do, you have to assure your loved one that you are with the right person, rather than being able to see you in the same way as you and your partner is treating you. “It does not matter if they behave in this way, the parents of souls who have caused tension, anger, confusion, confusion or simply old curiosity do not have to do the same. thing for the other half.


Relationships are a tango to a man, nobody said. There is not a fully owned share of their fiftieth share in the relationship, not even the smallest things. “You invite him to come play with his friends or have dinner with his family, sometimes they come and sometimes not, but they never seem too excited,” says Quindlen.

Sensitive souls take the opportunity to spend time with you and the people who matter to you. If this is not the case, you will undoubtedly find the following, as Quindlen says: “And they do not make an effort to integrate you into their lives. They know very little about their friends and family, even if they want it. “You’re not invited to the family home where Trevor or Trixie grew up, or spending time with the crazy crew on a Saturday night and keeping you at bay.” This leads to Quindlen’s conclusion: “And sometimes, it feels like you’re living two separate lives that barely overlap. ”


It goes without saying, but as if we love our readers … They are in a relationship because the person feels good when they are in the company of the other. Nobody really believes in the hype of Roma comedy films to radiate happiness, unless you come back from Iraq. Regardless of differences or physical distances, they should always be happy to see you and vice versa. Otherwise, the distances will not be only physical. You will feel miles away from your love dove, even if it is right next to you. Is it a soul mate for you? Note: See the Cambridge Dictionary definition.


Why are you in a committed relationship when there is no long term future? It’s like having no mozzarella cheese on a pizza or a pirate flag on a pirate ship. We do not talk about marriage, at least not yet, but have the same life goals and pursue them together. Of course, a soulmate will talk at length about what she wants and how she wants to reach it – whatever it is. If they are not, they can not be your soul mates. Arrrrrrrrr, I heart!

11. The feeling of insecurity reigns in the relationship.

The first two words I can think of are: “one” and “edge”. This is the feeling of uncertainty in a relationship. You do not want to sell them, right? They are afraid of what Trevor or Trixie might think if they claim to be wrong or contradict them in any way. Everything seems easy with a soulmate. They speak openly and respect each other’s points of view. Of course, you may get angry or angry with opinions, but understanding will follow soon.

As Debra Fileta says of True Love Dates: “Remember that you have the power to teach people how to treat you and not.” If you do not like something, change it or go through the other relationship interaction compromises a faction. Only you know what to do if you find these signs, but if you are stuck, look no further than the definition of soulmate in the Cambridge dictionary. Good luck, boy!