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10 Signs You Are Forcing Yourself To Love Someone

10 Signs You Are Forcing Yourself To Love Someone

Some people get into a relationship for the convenience it brings. There are those who think it is the solution to loneliness, and some hope that they can finally settle down with someone who loves them. Also, there are people who accept someone’s offer of love in order to move on from heartbreak.

Do you think you are just forcing yourself to love someone? Assess your heart with these signs:

1. You’re not excited about being with the person.

If you think your dates are just mandatory appearances, then you’re probably not in love. If you love a person, there should be that excitement of spending time with them.

2. You wish the relationship would end

If you are in a happy relationship, you will never think about the relationship ending. On the other hand, if a part of you wishes that something terrible would happen so that you and your partner could go your separate ways, that is one of the signs of being pressured in a relationship.

3. He/she doesn’t inspire you.

People in love are usually more motivated to be more productive. They want to achieve their dreams and be their best not only for themselves, but also for their special person. Now, if he/she is not inspiring you in any way, then ask yourself why.

4. There is that desire to be in love.

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings, especially if it is reciprocated. If you have never felt those fluttering butterflies in your stomach with your partner, then you have probably never been in love with him/her.

5. You may be content, but you’re not really happy.

She may be beautiful and smart, or he may be responsible and successful. That doesn’t mean you need to be in a relationship with him/her. If you find yourself frequently justifying your relationship, take a look at why you are really in it

6. You know in your heart that he/she is not the only one.

If you have this intuition from the beginning that he/she is not the right person for you, then your gut feeling may be right. Either you really don’t want him/her to be a part of your life for some reasons, or you just have the gift of discernment.

7. There is no peace in your heart while in the relationship.

Do you feel guilty every time you say “I love you” to your partner or every time you have these dreamy conversations about your future family? Maybe it’s because you know in your heart that you are lying to your partner and to yourself.

8. You are not proud of your relationship.

This isn’t good, but it’s a key sign that you’re forcing yourself to love someone. You feel embarrassed to walk side by side with someone on the street; you avoid introducing them as your date, you want to keep your relationship a secret, etc. Can you make yourself love someone you are not proud of?

9. There is something missing in your heart.

If your relationship seems to be going well and peacefully, but you still feel empty about it, then evaluate your heart. What seems to be missing from your relationship, especially if there is nothing wrong with your partner?

10. You know you can’t marry the person.

If your boyfriend proposes and you can’t say “yes,” or if your girlfriend asks you if you have a plan to marry her but you can’t answer, then ask yourself why. Is it just because you are not ready or do you really have no intention of spending the rest of your life with him/her?