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10 Signs That Your Man Still In Love With His Ex

10 Signs That Your Man Still In Love With His Ex

1. He hasn’t cleaned up her stuff yet

If your boyfriend or partner still has his ex’s stuff lying around, it’s a clear sign that he misses his ex-wife or ex-girlfriend.

2. He’s revisiting old memories

He talks about his ex-wife/girlfriend a lot. If he constantly brings up old memories of himself and his ex-girlfriend, this is a very bad sign. If he keeps mentioning the same ex over and over again, she clearly has a special hold on his heart.

3. He gives her priority over you

How serious a person is about you depends on how much time he spends with you, no matter how busy he is. If a man would rather go see a movie with his ex on his one free night than spend time with you, it may be time to pull the plug.

4. He gets upset when his ex is dating someone else

If a man feels depressed whenever his ex is dating someone else, it’s a sign that he hasn’t moved on yet.

5. He still talks to his ex

He texts her or contacts her behind your back. They see each other all the time, this is a surefire sign that he is still holding on to her life. You can be sure that he probably still has feelings for her and may even be considering getting back together with her.

6. He compares you to her

The fact that he talks about her just means that she is on his mind.

7. He has not yet introduced you to his family and friends

He hasn’t introduced you to his family and friends yet. He may be afraid to make a commitment. If he is not ready to introduce you yet, it really means he is not ready to replace her yet.

8. You look suspiciously like him.

This one is a bit unlikely – after all, some people just have a type. But if you look eerily similar and have the same interests as her, could there be a reason he chose you? Maybe.

9. He’s distant when he’s with you

He may spend time with you and be present in person, but you may somehow feel that he is not there mentally. He’s often thinking about other things and doesn’t seem to be listening to you when you’re talking, so I’d recommend talking to him about it and asking him what’s wrong.

10. You have a gut feeling.

Trust your intuition. If you have a feeling that something is not right, you should sit down with your man and talk to him about it. If he’s a good guy, he’ll tell you what’s going on.