10 Signs That A Deceased Loved One Is Near

Our loved ones never really leave us when they die …

They try to contact us through various media and you should look for the signs below to understand what they are trying to say.

1. Through dreams

As we sleep, our vibrational energy increases and corresponds to the higher energy of the spirits. Our subconscious mind is much more open minded when we sleep. That’s why minds can easily influence us during this time.

The dreams of a deceased parent are usually very much alive and less dreamlike. It is also possible that you remember those dreams after waking up.

If you have such dreams, you should pay attention, as this could be a message from the afterlife.

2. Fragrances

Smell is strongly related to memory. Usually, a perfume accompanies the presence of a spirit. It could be the scent they used, maybe the smell of their favorite foods or flowers.

3. Misused items

You may have noticed that some things mysteriously disappear from one place and only end up in another home. Most of the time, it is the spirit of our deceased parents that drives things from one place to another. Normally, it lacks items such as jewelry, pistons, pipes or other items that they used during their lifetime.

4. Songs

Sometimes you can also receive a message in the form of songs. Maybe you drive and play your music in the car and you suddenly realize that the songs are not arranged so randomly. If you see a motive in them, it is your tutor who is trying to send you a message.

5. By thought

Sometimes we are influenced by thoughts that draw our attention to a certain thing. If you drive fast, it seems like you should slow down.

Such thoughts are not ours. Yes, they are the voice of your beloved and not the voice in your head. A simple way to recognize that he does not follow the voice of the first person. Instead of “I’m too late,” you realize that “you’re too late.”

6. Unexpected gifts

There must not be a Porsche in your driveway. You may receive unexpected gifts in the form of love, care and affection when you least expect it in life. Do you remember when you felt bad and suddenly received a call from your friend or family member that made you happy and moved your energy? Yes, these are the gifts that were accidentally inspired and received with love.

7. The right person at the right time

Do you think you meet the right people when you need them the most? Think back, because it could be your loved one trying to help you through the hard times you may face.

Sometimes you meet people when you are in the depths of your life and they come as a ray of sunshine to bring some light into your life. Pay attention to these people!

8. During the funeral

According to psychopath James Van Praagh, people attend their own funerals after their deaths and comfort their families and friends. During the funeral, look for signs such as hugs on the shoulders or a caress on the cheek to feel his mind.

9. Pets

Animals are very receptive to the presence of something supernatural. So, when your dog begins to wag his tail, it means that there is someone he has loved as a human being and is now visiting as a spirit.

Even pets visit their owners and many have reported how they bark or meow their dead dog.

10. Look for old habits

If your grandfather was picky about keeping the lights on, there is a chance that he will turn off the lights of the house in his mental form. Sometimes ghosts try to do the same thing they did during their life.

Source: dailypositiveinfo.com