10 Reasons Your Big Sister Is The Best Friend You’ll Always Have In Life

She may tease you or sometimes just be a complete pest, but she is also going to prevent others from doing the same. She may nit-pick your decisions to the point where you want to scream. She may hurt your feelings and make you believe that if only you were more like her you would be perfect.

But then there are those times when she lets you know that while she is a terror for most of the day, she is always going to love you. Even when you can’t stand to look at her face, she is still going to love you.

Are you still not convinced that your big sister is the most amazing person in your world? Okay, well let’s break it down:

1. She is your first friend and the greatest ally of all time.

Before meeting one of your current friends, your sister was there. She and she have always been destined to be birth friends. Of course, it also means that your oldest friendship is with your sister. The moments you have shared over the years will bring you closer, because she will be your next and dearest friend.

2. She understands your family like no other.

If you have a family drama, she knows what you’re dealing with because it’s your family. She understands her family’s misadventures and can be the shoulder she can lean on when times are tough.

3. You can be open and honest with her.

Even if she can annoy you, she will always accept you as you are. Even if she makes you all that you can be, she will always let you make the decision about you. You can be real with her.

4. You can steal all your clothes if you need something else.

You can ALWAYS not like her style, but you know she probably has what you need to wear for the last run. Yes, it can sometimes distract you if you borrow without permission, but it will recover. Besides, she also takes your things with her. And part of her likes to dress like her. She must rub you.

5. Your experience will help you to broaden your vision of the world.

His extra time in the world has given him wisdom that allows him to see things from a different angle. This can often give a vision that you can not have of your friends and others of your age.

6. This will always create a place for you in your world.

Sometimes life takes us to distant places. The advantage of having a big sister is that she feels at home. There is always a soft pillow and a blanket. It gives you the feeling of feeling safe when no one is doing it.

7. She will be honest with you.

If it matters most, your sister may be the only person to tell you what to hear, as opposed to what you want to hear. She may be dull and eclipsed now, but her honesty comes from a place of love.

8. She believes that you can achieve great things with your life.

Your older sister knows the potential you have in you. She believes in you when sometimes you do not believe in yourself. She saw your trials and tribulations. She knows exactly how far you have to go and will help you if you fall.

9. It’s the voice of reason.

Sometimes you are too close to a situation to make an objective decision. A big sister can break the situation and tell you if you are on the right track. It can also be used as a soundboard if you just want to leave some air.

10. It’s your MVP when you need it most.

Whether you are a couple or single, your sister will always be the Swiss army. She is the person to whom you can go in almost any situation. especially if you just break your heart. It is the one you are looking for when you are concerned about your head.

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