10 Quotes From Maya Angelou That All Strong Women Can Relate To

Maya Angelou was all that a person would aspire to. As a civil activist, poet and singer, she touched the lives of many people with whom she met her personality. Oprah Winfrey regarded Angelou as his mentor and said: “Maya Angelou is not what she did, nor did she write or speak, as she did, moving with calmness, unwavering confidence, ardent grace and passionate wealth Love all over the world. “Her most famous poems included Phenomenal Woman, Still I Rise and Caged Bird.

Here are some of his quotes that touched the lives of many people.

1. Strong women carry the heaviest load

2. An act of conviviality creates a chain reaction

3. The fire in you burns harder than you think

4. Love can pierce the toughest walls

5. Love and respect makes you human

6. Nothing prevents a woman who knows herself

7. People never forget what they felt at that moment

8. Forgiveness is far away if you start somewhere

9. They will not fall prey to lies and deception

10. Solidarity women are thicker than blood