10 Disturbing Signs It’s Not Your Body, But Your Soul That Is Tire

10 Disturbing Signs It’s Not Your Body, But Your Soul That Is Tire

When we have gone through long periods of extreme mental or emotional stress, our souls can often sink into a deep calm that is very similar to a depression because it has similar symptoms.

And even if we want to recover by thinking positively and focusing more on our energy, we will probably still feel exhausted and depressed.

The reason is that our soul needs time to heal in the same way that broken bones take time to repair themselves. Although our soul is not visible, it is as important as the ship in which it is. Therefore, we should take soul healing as seriously as bodily injury.

Ignoring signs of wear and tear on our energy can have serious consequences such as chronic anxiety, mental health problems and depression. Here are 10 signs that your soul is exhausted and exhausted in energy.

  1.  During the day, you just want to rest and lie down. They tend to sleep frequently and sometimes you have trouble getting up and getting up from bed. During the night, you feel agitated, because during your sleep, you make intense dreams and nightmares so real.
  2. You feel deeply alone, even when you are among others. You start interviewing people around you and you can trust them because you are in defense most of the time.
  3. All your emotions are amplified. They are extremely emotional and may start crying for no apparent reason. They often feel that their heart explodes with love in one moment and breaks the other.
  4. When someone asks you what is wrong with you, you do not know what to do because you do not know how to feel. You know that something complex and deep is happening in you, but you can not describe why you feel that way and, more importantly, why you can not use that energy.
  5. You feel a painful sensation throughout your body. Without any reason, you may experience tension, dizziness, stomach upset, blurred vision, and headaches.
  6. You often feel fragmented and disoriented because your mind and body are not synchronized.
  7. You have a mild panic attack or chronic anxiety.
  8. You have bitter, jealous, angry, or angry thoughts about everything that happens around you when you are generally very compassionate, compassionate, and caring.
  9. Your body feels weak and every movement makes you exhausted. You lack energy and you are no longer happy when you go to the gym and you train because it has become hard work for you.
  10. You often feel worried and uncertain about your future. Sometimes you feel so exhausted and exhausted that you just want to pack up and start over again because you do not like doing the things you used to do.

When you feel like this, this is the last time you set priorities and take care of your soul. Stay as much as you need. Turn off your phone and spend time doing your favorite things.

Take a warm bath, meditate, listen to your favorite music and spend more time with the people you love the most.

Avoid negative thoughts and negative inner speech. Stop criticizing yourself or talking to yourself. Train yourself to balance your energy.

If you can truly search for what your soul desires, you can eliminate anything that makes you feel exhausted and weak in your life, focusing instead on positive thoughts and experiences that radiate beauty and positive energy.

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