10 Behaviors That Keep People From Finding Relationships That Work

Is it possible that your own behavior prevents you from finding a working relationship? Although you may think that you are ready for love, there are ways to sabotage our own desires when it comes to relationships. Let’s look at 10 behaviors that prevent you from finding a relationship that meets your needs.

10 behaviors that keep you from finding a relationship that works

1. You’ve yet to heal from the hurt of your childhood

Psychologists refer to your adult relationship style as a “bonding style” and say that the way you connect with a loving partner depends on how you learned to love as a child. If your childhood is not happy, it takes a lot of healing to find a relationship that works.

Psychologists from Texas A & M University, who studied 144 frequented couples, found that those with anxious or avoidable attachment styles had more negative emotions and fewer positive emotions in their relationships. Partners with secure attachment styles were those who had the most positive and least negative emotions in their relationships.

2. Your standards are too high

Looking for a never-married, 40-year-old Yale graduate who owns a mansion, a convertible, and a perfect abdominal muscle? If you are looking for a person who is not part of your league or who has no reason to find value in you as a partner, this is one of the reasons you have not found a working relationship .

3. You apply the deal breaker rule to every date

Man Hands, Close Talker and Double Dip were all reasons why characters had to submit their dates on the Seinfeld television show. Giving your appointments the status of transaction breaker based on their negative behavior is totally unfair. Of course, we all have contract breakers hiding in the skin to avoid this kind of people, but you’re not perfect either. If you report the negative behavior of your partner and ignore its positive traits, this is not a good deal. This behavior can prevent you from finding a working relationship. Concentrate on the positive aspects of your next partner.

4. Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem is a potential feature that prevents you from finding a working relationship. It is difficult to love someone completely before you can say as much about your relationship with yourself. Let’s focus on you for a moment, then look for romance.

5. You’re afraid of what would happen if you did find the right person

Fear is not unusual for singles. In this case, it’s the fear of finding a relationship that works. Sometimes you are afraid of losing your freedom or losing the potential of another romantic partner who could be even better and who could come if they are not available. Sometimes it’s the fear of success that prevents you from knowing true love.

6. Love has made you jaded

You are in negativity, regret, and dissatisfaction with your past relationships, which prevents you from finding a relationship that works. Who wants to be with someone who focuses only on the negative? You do not want to be with anyone, that’s for sure. Try to learn from these past loves, let yourself go, grow up and just open up to the positives.

7. You’re pursuing someone who isn’t single

Maybe he is leaving the wife, but in the meantime, you are contacting someone who is not available, which means you are not available to find someone who is looking for you.

8. You keep repeating the same pattern in relationships

Similar to your attachment style, if you repeat old patterns of unhealthy relationship behavior, you can make personal progress before you end up in a relationship that really works. Living in the past will simply not work for you in a relationship. Your partner wants you to live with them here and now. If you can not give up old negative habits that do not serve you, you can not have a healthy relationship.

Researchers from the University of Rochester and the University of Georgia have studied mindfulness and satisfaction with the relationship, stressing that “a greater practice of mindfulness on any given day is an improvement happiness in the relationship, the effectiveness of stress management and the reduction of relational and mental health general stress predicts “If you do not have to worry about the future, you will remain aware of the joy that you feel with your romantic partner at all times. In this way, you can build an emotional relationship that works well for both of you.

9. You think you have to give up who you are to be in a relationship

You should never have to sacrifice your personality for a romantic partner, so decide to never allow it and be ready for the possibility of a love in which you can always be yourself and live a relationship that works.

10. You find it hard to trust

We understand it; Getting hurt can be emotionally scary, but you have to take a risk if you want to reap the benefits. It is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.

To have a deep love, one must first have confidence in oneself, because this vulnerability is a prerequisite for love. Otherwise, you only share a closed heart with someone, which prevents you from finding a working relationship.

Source: https://www.powerofpositivity.com