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4 Reasons Why Women Like Men Who Treat Them Like ¢яαρ

4 Reasons Why Women Like Men Who Treat Them Like Crap

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I’m aware that it’s bad. I wish I could stop it too. But the truth is that many of my girlfriends and I are equally guilty. Sue us, then.

1. You will never truly be his.

Even when you get to the point where you can call each other “boyfriend” and “girlfriend,” there will always be a part of you that is on edge, never knowing what will happen next. There is something about the unknown that can be so intoxicating, and the rug can be pulled out at any moment. When you are constantly anticipating and waiting, the moment when love, attention, or confirmation finally happens is like taking a massive dose of an amazing drug. We always desire things that we are not able to obtain.

2. Every detail is unexpected.

Even if you are so angry with him that you can barely speak, say it has been several days since you have heard from him, when you finally call, you will answer the phone with anticipation and trepidation. The moment you hear his voice again, which is all you were looking for, you will instantly forgive him. It is interesting because it is unexpected. Your love is still a surprise, because you never know when or where it will show up.

3. He’s not concerned about your needs.

There’s something incredibly sexy about a man who has nothing to lose with you, because one of the least sexy things about a man is a sense of need and obsession – the kind of things that make women “friend zone” someone when she’s really just exercising her disinterest. These relationships definitely have a power dynamic because you depend on his affection while he could live without you. You feel like he is choosing to be with you as a favor, which makes you want to hold on even tighter and be grateful for what you already have.

4. He has self-confidence.

The power of confidence. Few things attract more positive attention to a guy who is a totally independent and self-assured asshole than that. It’s like a kind of natural perfume that just radiates from people and draws others in. You respond very instinctively to someone who is completely confident in all facets of themselves. You can’t help but want to be around that attitude, even though you know there’s a lot to learn from it.

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